Joining a Sorority While In College Can Be Life Changing

Months or even weeks out from starting college, girls have so many thoughts and worries running through their mind. There are tons of things to look forward, but starting a new chapter in your life is exciting, yet terrifying. When starting college there are a lot of new things thrown your way, but one that a lot people find life changing is going Greek.

Before starting college, sorority life crosses all girls minds whether its about joining one or even being disgusted at the thought of it all. Over 800 campuses in the United States and Canada participate in Greek life, which shows it is a big deal to a lot of people.

There are over 9 million Greek members nationally, so whenever it the time comes to sign up for sorority recruitment, you should give it a shot. Joining a sorority is full of opportunities and is a life changing experience. It sounds cliche, but its nothing short of the truth. Sorority life is a whole new world of finding life-long friends and giving you experiences you wouldn’t get doing anything else.

Bid Day at Henderson State University

Joining a sorority is full of perks which is something to consider when deciding on going Greek. You make life long connections with people that you see other than in a classroom. The friends you make aren’t just people you sit next to in class, but people that you get to know in a more social setting. You get to know these people on a more personal level because you have to interact with them in other ways than just over a homework assignment.

You always have friends/sisters to do things with. Whenever you want to hit up a basketball game or go grab some food but scared to go alone, don’t worry because you’ll always have someone there to sit with or go with you.

Whenever you’re going through a hard time or stressing about a big exam coming up, your sisters will be your biggest support system. Whether you realize it or not, everyone in your sorority cares about you deeply and want to see you succeed as a person. You connect with your sisters on a different level from others because you all share the same values and have gone through similar experiences.

Going Greek and joining a sorority can be intimidating and scary, but it is definitely something you won’t regret.




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